kevlarmasquerade whispered: Millena~ I just started Guilty Crown and WHY DOES YUKI KAJI VOICE SO MANY CUTIE PATOOTIES. I didn't even realize he was in this anime until I started watching it and I was like "yo that is totes magotes Yukine/Shion/Eren" and I double checked and yup.

Yessss! ;w; I’m so glad you started Guilty Crown! It’s beautiful. eknfrejsnjrekgnjseng. AND I HAVE NO IDEA. HE’S BEEN IN LIKE EVERYTHING I WATCHED RECENTLY AND I JUST- I hadn’t either. XD Because I watched it after I watched No.6.

It was No.6, and then Guilty Crown and then Magi and then SNK. I didn’t watch them all immediately after the other but still. He’s in so many. 

everyone else also has a pet dragon shaped hole in their hearts
my friend, trying to comfort me (via toofrenchtofunction)

ARTIST: arr. rapturous-rhapsody
TRACK: Mirror Mirror (Music Box Cover)


Mirror, mirror, what’s behind you?

Save me from the things I see!

Music box version of Weiss’ theme!  Original composition by Jeff Williams.

Official RWBY artwork by

(Source: rinforzando)

TRACK: This Is Halloween (Music Box Version)






This is Halloween (Music Box Version) - The Nightmare Before Christmas

scary as FUCK


I know what I’m adding to the playlist now