Fiction is a fantastic way of looking out through somebody else’s eyes. You get to experience loss and tragedy and death. But experience these things in a form which means that when you close the pages and put the book back on the shelf, it’s over and you’re home and you’re safe
Neil Gaiman, during an interview with Robin Young on Here and Now  (via la-arboleda)
your-majesty-shion whispered: *whispers* I'M SORRY wkerl;we;trkwetl';wkrtw

You and I both know that you are very far from sorry >w>

booksandotherpassions whispered: ((Once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, and then pass it along to ten followers~))

l;grnjktbhklmfd;xr,thdkmydkm;,ersht. How many of these did I have waiting for me ;w; <3

  1. I listen to people more than they think I do. I catch on to the tiniest shift in tone or the subtlest of hints. If you want the thing, I will remember and buy it for you on your birthday >w<
  2. I try to remain optimistic even when my anxiety tells me to be otherwise. It doesn’t always work but I manage to bounce back :D
  3. I stay angry for about 2.5 seconds and then everything is forgiven
  4. I very rarely get angry
  5. I have a soft voice?
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I forgot this was in my inbox, I am so sorry this is so late. relkgsekrnhktrsnhkrnhk.

  1. I just got my haircut owo
  2. I should be doing lots of other things and yet I am sitting on Tumblr 
  3. I watched the entirety of RWBY again yesterday.
  4. I unfortunately have to work today 
  5. Annnnddddd my favorite animals are wolves~